Vial Crimper 20mm Hand Tool

13mm, 20mm, 28mm, 32mm

hand crimper for close the vial or bottle

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model: crimper, decapping

cap type: aluminum cap, flip off plastic cap


automatic grade: semi-automatic

material: stainless steel

vial or bottle: crimp neck

vial or bottle open-mouth size: 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 28mm, 32mm


color: black

specification: 180mm * 120mm * 45mm

gross weight: 1 kg

production capacity: 20-30 bottle / min

why easy to operation: 


1. the vial crimper is made of stainless

2. long handheld design is ergonomic

3. adjustable in crimping pressure limitation by screw in the handle

4. narrow jaws provide better vertical clearance over vial or bottles

5. bottom handle motion allows for better control and enhanced stability of crimping jaw

6. stadard construction of rugged, fiber-resinforced resin with steel reinforcement in the handles


vial crimper & decapper



Item No Used for
PT15 15mm sprayer perfume bottle 
PT8 8mm aluminum cap on glass cartridge 
PT11 11mm aluminum central cap on sampling bottles
PT13-A 13mm aluminum crimp cap 
PT13-B 13mm plastic-aluminum flip off cap
PT20-A 20mm plastic-aluminum flip off cap
PT20-C 20mm aluminum crimp cap
PT28-A 28mm aluminum crimp cap
PT28-B 28mm plastic-aluminum flip off cap
PT32 32mm plastic-aluminum flip off cap


correct vial crimping

achieve accurate results with correctly crimped vials

a correctly crimped vial is neither over-crimped nor under-crimped. over-crimping may cause coring or poor septum resealing. while under crimping can cause evaporation problems. with propper adjustment of the vial crimper, perfect crimping can be achieved every time. when the vial or bottle is crimped perfectly, the cap should not be able to rotate and the septum should appear smooth and level. 


packing: 1 piece per pack, packed in original box and in nice condition. 



by express, such as TNT, DHL, UPS, Fedex for 5-10 days.

by air or by sea for large quantity or together with other products.

ship according to your request.


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