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8mm 13mm 15mm 20mm 28mm 32mm caps

vial crimper and decapper by handheld, auto, used for pharmaceutical, food, packaging, chemical industry, laboratories, perfume etc.

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Vial Crimper & Decapper

Item No Used for
PT15 15mm sprayer perfume bottle 
PT8 8mm aluminum cap on glass cartridge 
PT11 11mm aluminum central cap on sampling bottles
PT13-A 13mm aluminum crimp cap 
PT13-B 13mm plastic-aluminum flip off cap
PT20-A 20mm plastic-aluminum flip off cap
PT20-C 20mm aluminum crimp cap
PT28-A 28mm aluminum crimp cap
PT28-B 28mm plastic-aluminum flip off cap
PT32 32mm plastic-aluminum flip off cap

Vial crimper sealing capping machine
1 piece for each size, use to crimp cap of different size, need extra head.
PT8, PT11, PT15, PT13-A, PT13-B, PT20-A, PT20-C, PT28-A, PT28-B, PT32 is common size,
for custom size, can be made according you requirement.

Image Name Specification More
Handheld steel vial crimper Overall size: 180 * 120 * 500mm
Weight: 0.6 kg
Power: manual hand held
Material: the best stainless steel
Handheld CFRP vial crimper Overall size: 180 * 120 * 500mm
Weight: 0.4 kg
Power: manual hand held
Material: the best stainless steel for crimp head,aerospace composite materials (CFRP) for handle
Table stand vial crimper Overall size: 260 * 200 * 330mm
Weight: 4.5 kg
Power: manual table stand
Capacity: 30-50 bottle/min
Auto vial capping machine Overall size: 580 * 300 * 650mm
Weight: 45 kg
Power: auto / electrical
Capacity: 380v/ 220v, 50hz
Pneumatic vial capping machine Overall size: 270 * 250 * 490mm
Weight: 18.5kg

Technical Data:
Applicable bottle size: 90-100mm (Height), 45-55mm (Dia), 20mm (Mouth dia)
Working Method: Fully Pneumatic
Air Source: 0.4-0.6MPa
Torsion: 4~8kg/cm (standard)
Speed: Min. 30 bottles/minute
Power supply: 220/240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

Guarantee: Min. One year.
Installation: To be done by the supplier at his own cost.
After service: Min. two years.
To be supplied complete with air-compressor & other necessary accessories to run the machine.


 usage method:

 step1: put stopper onto vial

 step2: put flip off cap onto vial

 step3: take the crimper in your hand

 step4: put crimper onto flip off cap

 step5: press the handle

 step6: check the effect, if the cap can slip,

 then check step7.

 step7: if the cap is loose, just adjust the claw,

 then crimp the cap again.

 (adjust the claw from clockwise direction to loosen,

 and from inverse direction to tighten)


 all stainless steel casting material.

 beautiful and generous workmanship

 can pressure of various of bottles, oral liquid etc.

 good sealing, rolling out of the smooth, preise.

 long handle design, operation more effort 


(1) handheld crimper

 (2) tabletop crimper

 (3) electric crimper capping machine

 (4) pneumatic crimper capping machine


 (1) manual filling machine

 (2) semi-automatic filling machine

 (3) automatic filling machine

 (4) automatic filling and sealing machine

 (5) automatic filling and capping machine


 (1) manual labeling machine

 (2) semi-automatic labeling machine

 (3) automatic labeling machine


 (1) round tablet mold

 (2) irregular tablet mold

 (3) ZP tablet mold

 (4) manual tablet machine

 (5) automatic tablet machine

date coder

 (1) automatic date coder machine

 (2) semi automatic date coder machine

 (3) manual date coder machine

 (4) date coder machine accessories

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