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small vials for peptides are typically made of glass or plastic and are used for storing and transporting peptides. these vials are usually clear or amber in color and can hold a few milliliters of liquid. they are sealed with a stopper or cap to prevent contamination and ensure the stability of the peptide. small vials for peptides are commonly used in research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech companies



 material  borosilicate glass
 volume  3ml glass vial, 16mm in diameter, 35mm in height
 closure  compatible closure, stopper, crimp cap, flip off cap
 color  clear, amber, blue
 print  graduation marks, custom company logo


Key Features


material: glass or plastic, with glass being the most common for long-term storage due to its inert nature


size: small volume capacity, typically ranging from 1 ml to 5 ml, suitable for storing peptides in small quantities


closure: vials are sealed with a stopper, crimp cap, or screw cap to ensure a tight seal and prevent contamination


clear or amber: vials are available in clear or amber colors. amber vials offer protection against light-induced degradation of peptides


sterility: some vials are available as sterile, ensuring that the peptides remain free from microbial contamination


graduated: some vials may have graduation marks to allow for easy measurement of the peptide solution


compatibility: vials are designed to be compatible with various types of peptide solvents and reagents


labeling: vials often have a flat surface for labeling, allowing for easy identification of the contents.



the use of small vials for peptides offers several benefits:


* protection: small vials provide a protective environment for peptides, shielding them from environmental factors such as light, moisture and air, which can degrade the peptides.


* contamination prevention: the sealed nature of small vials prevents contamination, ensuring the purity and integrity of the peptides


* convenient storage: small vials are designed for storing small quantities of peptides, making them convenient for research, experimentation and small scale production


* sample organization: small vials allow for efficient organization and storage of multiple peptide samples, facilitating easy access and retrieval


* sterility: some small vials are available as sterile, ensuring that the peptides remain free from microbial contamanation


* stability: the design of small vials helps to maintain the stability of peptides, preserving their efficacy over time


* transportation: small vials are suitable for transporting peptides, allowing for safe and secure delivery to different locations




research laboratories

drug development


clinical studies

proteomics and metabolomics

academic research

forensic and toxicology studies



if you are looking for small vials for peptide, feel free to contact us for a quote. we are one of the leading and professional China manufacturers and suppliers in this field. competitive price and good after-sale service are available.





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