Semaglutide Injection Pen For Self-Administer Medication

Manufacturer, Origin Of China

certificate: CFDA

usage: disposable use

body color: white or customized

weight: 30.2g

size: 16.4mm * 16.8mm

cartridge storage volume: 3 ml

dosage range: 0, 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg

cartridge-compability: 3 ml cartridge, according to ISO 11608-3

injection force: ≤15N

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* applications: diabetes for self-management, hospital clinical, retail pharmacies, biopharmaceutical company, clinics, retail chain stores, retail pharmacy, compatible 3ml cartridges injection, injection contains


* benefits: easy-to-read dose indicator and fully transparent cartridge holder, low-force dose delivery, ergonomic, easy-to-reach release button, visual confirmation of the completion of dose delivery, high robustness and modern design


convenience: pen injectors are small and portable, making them easy to carry around and use wherever you need to administer medication.


precision: pen injectors are designed to deliver a precise and accurate dose of medication, ensuring that you get the correct amount of medication every time.


safety: pen injectors are generally very safe to use and come with safety features such as needle shields and dose indicators that help prevent accidental needle sticks and overdoses. 


easy to use: pen injectors are designed to be easy to use, even for people who may have difficulty with traditional injections. they ofter have simple instructions and require minimal training to use


less pain: pen injectors ofter have smaller and thinner needles than traditional injections, which can reduce the pain and discomfort associated with injections. 


improved compliance: the convenience and ease of use of pen injectors can improve patient compliance with medication regimens, leading to better health outcomes.


a disposable pen injecctor is a medical device used for injecting medication or hormones subcutaneously ( under the skin). it typically consists of a pre-filled cartridge containing the medication, a needle or cannula for injection, and a mechanism for injecting the medication, which is typically activated by a button or trigger. unlike traditional syringes, disposable pen injectors are designed for single-use and are meant to be discarded after a single injection. they are commonly used for self-administration of medications such insulin, growth hormone, and fertility drugs. 


if you are looking for semaglutide injection pen for self-administer medication, feel free to contact us for a quote. we are one of the leading and professional China manufacturers and suppliers in this field. competitive price and good after-sale service are available.










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