Refillable Insulin Pen Injector

Manufacturer, Origin Of China

standard 3 ml container according to ISO 11608-3

minimum dose/dose unit 0.01 ml

the maximum dose is 0.60 ml

total dose unit 60


suitable for all types pen needles conform to ISO11608-2

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* 3 ml cartridge needle compatibility high easy use insulin injection pen, used for standard 3 ml cartridges applied injections. it is a medication delivery apparatus including a housing, a container of medication mounted to the housing, an outlet such as injection needle, and a drive assembly adapted to force medication from the container, and through the outlet upon movement of an actuator. 


* the housing periphery includes a projecting abutment for digit engagement which is designed for abutting contact by a first digit of a hand of a user when the housing is grasped within the user's hand such that a second digit with the abutment permits application of an axial force by the first digit on the abutment in a direction generally opposite to an axial force applied to move the actuator


be suitable for the follwing size cartridge.


3 ml cartridge dimensions (mm)



1.5 ml cartridge dimensions (mm)


injection reusable pen simply dial and dose


our insulin pen widely be used as below: 

* diabetes patients self management

* the hospital clinical

* retail pharmacies

* biopharmaceutical company

* clinics

* retail chain stores

* retail pharmacy

* growth hormone

* interferon

* insulin

* and other 3ml cartridge injection


competitive advantage:

* extensive experience in injection device development and manufacturing, has numerous devices on the market


* easy to use, simply twist the dose, insert the needle and push button


* highly accurate dosage, 1 unit increment with a mechanical system


* high quality metal construction makes it reliable life


* insulin cartridge and disposable needles compatibility with market popular manufacturer











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