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 glass bottle  mist sprayer 
 2ml: 12*35mm

 3ml: 12*44mm

 5ml: 12*60mm

 10mm mini sprayer

 material: PP

 color: black/white/custom color


 feature: 10mm bayonet

 cap: without cap / full cap


glass bottle  mist sprayer 

 2ml: 12*56mm

 3ml: 12*65mm

 5ml: 12*81mm

 8ml: 13*118mm

 12ml: 13*136mm

 11mm sprayer

 material: PP

 color: black/white/colorful


 feature: 11mm bayonet (snap-on)

 cap: without cap/full cap/pen cap


 PET bottle  mist sprayer 




 18/410 sprayer

 material: PP

 color: black/white/colorful


 feature: 18/410 screw sprayer

 cap: full cap


 product  Bayonet Glass Spray Bottle
 component  glass bottle + sprayer
 capacity  1.5ml 2ml 2.5ml 
 size  9*47mm 11*47mm 11*60mm
 discharge rate  about 0.55ml
 times per bottle  30-35times 43-48times
 weight  about 6g
 sprayer color

 white/black/clear pump can be choosed.

 color can be customized made


 suit for perfume, cosmetic.

 can be as travel sub-packed bottle, perfume bottle,

 essential oil bottle, eye-cream bottle etc.


 silk printing, hot stamping, painting

 electroplated, label can be available

 OEM  we make new moulds as required 
 feature  small, easy to take, pump head pressing 


 product design  the advantage of the bottle 
 a.non-slip bottom, solid safe  1.logo can be customized
 b.easy to clean  2.a wide variety of pick specification and colors
 c.corrosion resistance  3.user-friendly design, compact and portable odor, no adsorption of any flavor  4.natural bamboo made

our packing

glass is fragile, we will make adequate preparation. we package multi-layer bubble film and flexible packaging to reduce all kinds of pressure in the process of express delivery. some bottles are also separated by cardboard to avoid damage caused by collision. when you order in large, we use wooden pallets, which are individually packaged and will not damage at all.


we have much experience to ensure the safety of your goods, different products will use different packaging. if there is damage, we will reissue free, please rest assured.


our products are machine-made and handmade,which is made of high-quality materials.

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