Liraglutide Injection Pen Lose Weight Injecting Insulin Pen

Manufacturer, Origin Of China

primary container: 1.5ml or 3.0ml cartridge

dosage range: 10ul-600ul

injecting variable: 10ul

material: brass + electrostatic spraying

weight: 40 g

size: 175mm * 17.5mm

increments: 1 u

infusion speed: 2.0 u/sec

infusion errors: ±  5.0%

ambient: temperature: 5℃~40℃

humidity: 10%~90%

injection force: ≤20N

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* dosage can be adjusted repeated use, self-injection pen for subcutaneous injection

* our injector pen device have been tested to ensure many years of intensive use in a demanding environment

* our commitment to quality through ISO13485 quality management system assures the reliable, long life

* our injector pen is designed and manufactured to provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to the performance reliable, easy operating, and safety demands of the self-administered system

* the injector pen technology changes faster now than ever before. to meet this challenge, our injector pen has been designed to deliver high adaptability levels for both today's and tomorrow's requirements

* available in numerous configurations with countless options, our injector pen can be readily custom designed and manufactured to meet each customer's unique requirements

* we provide complete solutions for the injector pen from engineering design, mould making , injection molding to product assembly




diabetes treatment device

insulin injection

somatropin injection

growth hormone (GH)users

interferon injection

liquid medicine injection

liquid dispensing syringe

3ml and less 3ml prefilled cartridges

injection device

retail chain stores





1. processing capacity


each outer housing of injector pen is fabricated with quality workmanship using metal material. 

all components are molding from import high - precision injection molding machine to provide maximum strength, rigidity, and consistent appearance


2. high quality, high stability


our products can withstand the extreme conditions such as fall, heat, cold, humidity and so on


3. dial and window


in order to facilitate the use of elderly patients, we have considered design magnifying glass function in windows, so the numbers look even bigger


4. quicker, easier injections


it is a prefilled insulin delivery device, push button and 1 click confirming that you have delivered full dose you set.

the dose scale automatically returns to zero after injection to allow visual confirmation of dose delivery


5. color & processing


we use aluminum alloy oxidation process for the outer housing of injector pen. artistic, adhesion, with a quality luster. a broad palette of colors are available including multiple color schemes. our oxidation process is high quality controlled to esure consistent color match




* greatly reduces injection movements and forces to alleviate the agony otherwise experienced by manual injection

* prefilled cartridge and disposable needles being compatible with market popular product for flexible choice

* rated as accuracy injection pen by healthcare professionals and patients

* we has many years of injection pen design, development capability, it is one of the most professional injection suppliers in China



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