Large Display Scale Plastic Diabetes Insulin Pen With Precision Transmission Mechanism

Manufacturer, Origin Of China

cartridge storage volume: 3ml (300u)

weight: 30 g

body color: black, white

infusion speed: 1.0 u/sec

increments: 1 u

minimum infusion: 1 u

infusion range: 1 u ~ 60 u

safety: BF

humidity: 10 % - 90 %

atmospheric pressure: 70.0 kpa ~ 106.0 kpa

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Large Display Scale Plastic Diabetes Insulin Pen With Precision Transmission Mechanism 




our manual plastic pen widely used for below people and cases


diabetes patients


insulin injection


somatropin injection


VEGA injection


interferon injection


liquid medicine injection


liquid dispensing syringe


3ml and less 3ml prefilled cartridges injection device


retail chain stores








competitive advantage:


* we has extensive experience in injection device development and manufacturing of more than 5 years and has numerous devices on the market


* easy to use, simply twist the dose, insert the needle and push button


* highly accurate dosage, 1 unit increment with a mechanical system


* high quality metal construction makes it reliable life


* insulin cartridge and disposable needles compatibility with market popular manufacturer





simple, consistent, accurate injections


high precision gear, push rod design and machining, keeping injection process stable and accurate


to alleviate the agony otherwise experienced by diabetes patients


injections are operated by pressing the button and the whole process is stable and consistent, greatly reduces injection movements and forces results in patients overall better treatment


easy to position for self-injection


do not worry with this product. it is not difficult to reach the upper outside of arms or hips for self-injection. just position and press the button to start injection, this straight forward process makes it so much easier to self-inject


compatible the following size needles:

33G * 4mm, 32G * 4mm, 31G * 4mm, 31G * 5mm, 31G * 5mm, 31G * 8mm, 30G * 8mm, 30G * 10mm, 29G * 12mm




please store the injector pen in cool and dry place without dust. keep away from direct sunlight, acid or alkaline gas. 


1. temperature and humidity, the normal temperature storage, humidity 30% ~65% RH, keep away from the heat resource


2. gas, there are no hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, and any other alkaline gas, etc


3. don't store your pens in the fridge


4. wipe the body of pen with a damp cloth. do not use alcohol to wipe the body and dose window








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