Attractive Design Diabetes Insulin Pen Long Acting

Manufacturer, Origin Of China

weight: 70 g

cartridge storage volume: 3 ml

increments: 1 u

infusion range: 1 u ~ 88 u

cartridge-compability: 3 ml standard cartridge

work mode: continuous

humidity: 10% -90%

atmospheric pressure: 70.0 kpa ~ 106.0 kpa

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Attractive Design Diabetes Insulin Pen Long Acting




our manual plastic pen widely used for below people and cases


people and cases


diabetes patients


insulin injection


somatropin injection


interferon injection


liquid medicine injection


liquid dispensing syringe


3ml and less 3ml prefilled cartridges injection device


injection device


retail chain stores









* high quality plastic reusable pen at economic cost


* dose increments from 0.01 ml to 0.88 ml, a maximum dose of 0.88 ml per injection.


* easy and safe dose correction


* easy to read dose indicator


* compatible with standard 3ml cartridge, simple attachment of disposable needles. features an attractive design and variability for customization and choice of color



simple, consistent, accurate injections


driven by special high performance metal precision mechanism spiral injection system, this metal manual pen has an easy touch button, requires a light touch to deliver the insulin at all insulin dose. dose setting mechanism permits dose corrections without loss of insulin, provides doses in 1 unit increments up to 88 units per injection


quicker, easier injections


it is a prefilled insulin delivery device, push button and 1 click confirming that you have delivered full dose you set. the dose scale automatically returns to zero after injection to allow visual confirmation of dose delivery


offers reliable insulin delivery experience for users


using quality material for pen body and inner parts makes durable product quality life, provide years of reliability


compatible the following size needles:

33G * 4mm, 32G * 4mm, 31G * 4mm, 31G * 5mm, 31G * 5mm, 31G * 8mm, 30G * 8mm, 30G * 10mm, 29G * 12mm



competitive advantage:


* we has extensive experience in injection device development and manufacturing of more than 5 years and has numerous devices on the market


* easy to use, simply twist the dose, insert the needle and push button


* highly accurate dosage, 1 unit increment with a mechanical system


* high quality metal construction makes it reliable life


* insulin cartridge and disposable needles compatibility with market popular manufacturer









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