40 ml 27 * 95 mm Clear / Amber Vials, VOA TOC Chromatography Sample Bottle

Manufacturer, Origin Of China

usage: laboratory analysis


vial material: borosilicate glass


cap material: polypropylene


septa: natural PTFE / white silicone

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* 24-400 white / black open top PP screw cap

* 24-400 dust cover PP screw cap


EPA VOA vial

* dimension of vial: 40 ml, 27 * 95 mm ( diameter * height )

* color: clear / amber


* amber ( brown) vials are suitable for chromatographic analysis and sample preservation of light-unstable samples


* material: glass,

low borosilicate glass ( 7.0 expansion glass),

neutral borosilicate glass ( 5.0 expansion glass),

high borosilicate glass ( 3.3 expansion glass)


* material: polypropylene + silicone gel

the gasket is non-toxic and effectively prevents puncture debris, which meets the requirement of chromatographic analysis


* usage: laboratory bottle

loading and storing environmental samples or various chemical substances



* this vial works with various types of autosamplers, such as Agilent, WATERS

* the unique bottle mouth design ensures consistent sealing, high-precision processing technology, strict quality control

* a variety of gaskets can be selected, white rubber pad, white film white glue, customized made

* the polypropylene layer of the septum is in contact with reagents, has good  chemical inertness, can resist acid, alkali, temperature, sticking, the silicone layer has excellent elasticity, which can ensure the sealing performance

* the septum is soft and can provide good protection for the needle of the autosampler

* strict production management ensures the quality of products. the product is clean and can be used directly without cleaning




pack: 100 pcs / pack, vials packed in PP-Trays with plastic film and cover plate. 


OEM packing is also be provided



* the universal vial & caps, septa are in stock, ready to ship, order small quantity for test, so you can reduce your risk and warehousing cost. short fulfill time. 

* free samples are provided

* you will get factory price directly

* on-time delivery and response in 24 hours. you can contact us in many ways-email, whatsapp, website message, inquiry

* various payment methods are acceptable

* wholesale order ship by express shipping company, large order by sea, train.





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