10 ml 16*100mm Laboratory Test Tube

Manufacturer, Origin Of China

glass test tube


tube material: borosilicate glass

bottom shape: round / flat

bottle color: clear / amber


regular OD: 13mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18.4mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm

customized size provided

print can be provided

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* laboratory test tube, round bottom / flat bottom, uniform wall thickness, with good thermal stability


* they are made of borosilicate glass which can reduce ph changes and pollution of soda lim, glass precipitates, suitable for PH-sensitive samples


* the cork stopper has a good seal and the test tube can be used repeatedly after cleaning


* it can be used to store bath salts, hot chocolate, can store liquids, breed plants, and transparent test tubes are suitable for various scientific comparison tests


* customized size provided, custom print provided


regular size


13*100mm, 15*100mm, 15*150mm, 16*150mm, 18*180mm, 20*150mm, 20*200mm, 25*200mm






1. heat a small amount of solid or liquid


2. weigh liquid or solid reagents


3. collect a small amount of gas


4. prepare a small amount of gas reactor


5. dissolve a small amount of gas, liquid or solid solutes


6. use as a small amount of reagent in the reaction vessel, use at room temperature or under heating



always feel free to reach out to our team for additional information, or to assist you with any questions regarding our laboratory products. if you should receive a damaged or defective item, please get in touch with us and we will be happpy to make it right



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1. who are we ? 

Manufacturer, world-wide Supplier, Exporter, based in Zhejiang, China, start from 2008s, sell to North America, Western Europe, South Asia, Eastern Asia, South America, Southern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africam Mid East, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Central America, oceania 


2. how can we guarantee quality ?

always a pre-production sample before mass production

always final inspection before shipment


3. how long will it take to received my product ?

a: in stock, we can ship them ASAP

b: for big qty or printing on your logo will take 15 - 30 days


* the universal glass vials, caps & septa are in stock, ready to ship, order small quantity for test, so you can reduce your risk and warehousing cost. short fulfill time. 

* free samples are provided

* you will get factory price directly

* on-time delivery and response in 24 hours. you can contact us in many ways-email, whatsapp, website message, inquiry

* various payment methods are acceptable

* wholesale order ship by express shipping company, large order by sea, train.








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